Sofia Vergara and Jimmy Fallon quickly realized this “Tonight Show” game is anything but a piece of cake.

Vergara called into the late-night talk show and played a new game with Fallon. Titled “Piece of Cake Trivia”, the two contestants were given three cupcakes representing answers “A”, “B”, and “C”.

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To answer the trivia questions, Vergara and Fallon had to bite into the cupcake corresponding with their answer. If someone gets an answer right, well, they are awarded with the cupcake. Unfortunately, the incorrect cupcakes are filled with a gross mystery filling.

Vergara and Fallon incorrectly guess that Simon Cowell did not sign Teletubbies to his record label. As punishment, both chomped down on a cupcake stuffed with garlic-filled hummus — delicious, but probably not in a cupcake.

“I mean, who did this? Who decided this?” a disgusted Vergara asked. “Spitting it out is not enough.”

Other nasty cupcake fillings included tomato sauce and vegemite.

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“You’re going to make me hate cake forever!” Vergara exclaimed.

Elsewhere in the interview, Vergara dishes on how her dog behaves like she is husband Joe Manganiello’s mistress.