Taye Diggs paid a virtual visit to to SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” to promote his CW series “All American”.

Host Andy Cohen didn’t waste any time by making his first question a doozy: “Let me ask you a personal question. You prefer to make love in the morning or at night?”

“Lord, you get right into it don’t you bruh,” Diggs replied. “Nighttime, just because I’m not worried about morning breath or crusties and you know, yeah. I think nighttime, you’re warmed up because you can, you know, you can, you’ve already showered you had a day. I think I’m more, I’m less self-conscious I think, you know what I mean? Yeah. I think maybe it’s more enjoyable maybe in the morning. Maybe. I don’t know.”

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Cohen also asked Diggs about his recent appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, with guest host Tiffany Haddish encouraging him to join Bumble. “Did that ever happen?” asked Cohen.

“It never did man. I mean, it’s, I just don’t, uh, I don’t want it enough. You know what I mean? Life is so uncomfortable already. I don’t want to make it any more, any more uncomfortable,” he responded.

“But you’re open? You’re open to a DM, right?” Cohen continued.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. That can get, yeah. Yes. I feel like, uh, I feel like it’s basically the same thing. Right. And it’s a little bit easier. Yeah, for some, for some reason, it’s a little bit easier for me to do the DMs. I got my son, he’s looking out for me. So every once in a while I’ll throw something by him and he’ll give me his thoughts,” Diggs added, pointing out that his son is “11 and much more mature than I am.”

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Cohen also asked about one of Diggs’ lesser-known roles: appearing in Britney Spears’ music video for “Boys”, which also featured cameos from Pharrell, Jason Priestley and Mike Myers, in character as Austin Powers.

“You are hilarious,” Diggs told Cohen. “Two days ago, I just remembered this. And I was like, I think I was with, I think I was with Idina [Menzel] at the time. I feel like I had an in because we were in between shots and [Spears] said, ‘Hey, you’re a good dancer.’ And I was so kind of starstruck. I was just like [laughs] ‘Thanks, thanks.’ But I feel like that was kind of was my in if I wanted to, to, uh, to do a little something and I missed it. I feel like I missed my opening.”

“To do a little something like date her or dance with her?” asked Cohen.

“No, just have sex with her,” said Diggs with a laugh.

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“Well, no, she has a boyfriend now,” Cohen reminded.

“Oh, so then that’s, that’s a no go then. Okay. So I had fun. She was huge… that was fun. I think Jason Priestley was in it as well. And I thought that there was an interesting kind of array of celebrities, me and Jason Priestley,” Diggs added. “He’s awesome, super great. But it seemed kind of random.”