Emma Stone really loves Steve Martin.

On Thursday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, the “Cruella” star recited the actor’s iconic F-bomb-laden monologue from “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”.

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Stone explained in the interview that she used to recite the monologue, which happens during the car rental scene in the film, when she was only eight years old.

“Oh God, was it good,” she said, before Kimmel put her on the spot, asking her to recite it.

Also on the show, Stone revealed that she has often cried while meeting her favourite celebrities.

“I do not, very often, play it cool,” she admitted. “But I think I’ve tried to keep it semi-cool in front of Steve Martin because I have cried in front of multiple other people and it’s gotta stop.”

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She continued, “I’ve got this instinct to burst into tears if it’s someone I’ve admired since childhood.”

Stone then admitted to crying in front of Diane Keaton, walking away from Bill Murray to cry, and crying in the corner of an elevator next to Lorne Michaels.

Responding to the video posted on Twitter, Martin said, “I’m…honoured?”