A judge has granted Kim Kardashian’s request for a restraining order against a man she’s alleging has been harassing her for months.

TMZ reports that Kardashian’s attorney, Shawn Holley, filed the order on Friday, May 28, to protect the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” star from 32-year-old Charles Peter Zelenoff.

According to the court documents, Kasrdashian alleges that Zelenoff as been sharing  social media posts “about his desire to pursue a physical relationship with her,” and has also written about attempting to enter her home.

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Kardashian is also alleging that he “filmed videos outside the edge of her property and she claims he’s getting increasingly frustrated about not getting inside… and she says she’s scared the man was able to find her home, because she’s never shared her address.”

In seeking the order of protection, Kardashian’s lawyer points out that Zelenoff has a previously demonstrated penchant for violence, with two prior battery convictions.

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When asked what her relationship is to Zelenoff, Kardashian wrote “Stalker.”

The judge’s order stipulates that Zelenoff must stay 100 yards away from Kardashian and her property.