He may have been the show’s first star but Sean Bean didn’t keep up with “Game of Thrones”.

In a new interview with the Times, the actor, who played Ned Stark in season 1 of the hit HBO fantasy drama, revealed that he still doesn’t know what happened in the show’s finale.

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Bean was asked in the interview whether he thinks the Stark family gaining independence from the rest of Westeros at the end of the series was similar to Brexit.

Before posing the question, though, the interviewer asked the actor whether he had seen the ending, in case he didn’t want to be spoiled.

“No. What happened?” Bean answered. “I’ll have forgotten by then, go on. So did Winterfell stay separate? Oh, good for them.”

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While Bean may not have seen the ending of “Game of Thrones”, the highly watched finale sparked plenty of mixed reaction from fans.

The finale won’t be the end of the show’s universe, though, as HBO is set to premiere the prequel spinoff “House of the Dragon” next year, with more spinoffs in the works.