Who knew a magic show could reduce someone to tears.

On Monday, “America’s Got Talent” shared a preview of the new season, premiering June 1, in which contestant Dustin Tavella performs a special kind of magic.

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“I believe there are two kinds of magic,” he explains. “The first is the kind you see performed on stages like this, but there’s a second kind, and it’s the most real and it’s the most powerful magic that exists.

“It’s the magic that happens when one individual makes a decision to positively impact another human life forever. And so my goal tonight is to combine these two kinds of magic.”

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Tavella then performed an incredible trick, asking the judges to cut cards and guess dates and times.

He then revealed the story of how he and his wife came to adopt their son, to the amazement of the judges, and paid emotional tribute to the boy’s birth mother.