Liam Payne joked about doing his Harry Styles impression again during a new YouTube clip.

The singer apologized to fans for not being very active recently, explaining that he’d been sick.

“I am not very well right now,” admitting his illness “knocked me for six” but he’s on the mend.

Payne, who was in One Direction with Styles, joked of the “Watermelon Sugar” hitmaker: “I feel like this becomes like a Harry Styles constant impression! Maybe I’ve took his voice on for something…” adding it’s not as good as when he’s well.

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The “Strip That Down” singer also shared how he’d taken up jiu-jitsu, but couldn’t train recently because he’d been sick.

“The one thing I’m learning about myself is that if I don’t train or work out I become a depressive madman!”

He explained that he’d been spending a lot of time with his four-year-old son Bear, whom he shares with ex Cheryl.

Payne told the camera, “I’ve been trying to teach him how to swim, which is tasking. As a dad I tend to push quite hard sometimes, it’s tough to know the right balance. His mum’s quite good at that, to be fair, his mum’s quite good at that stuff…”

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Payne shared that he had just moved house and is consequently struggling to be artistic. As well, he talked about his numerous haircuts over the years and how he’s been exposing Bear to movie trailers.

See more in the clip above.