Could Pauly Shore and Brendan Fraser be returning to a screen near you? If it is up to Shore – the answer is yes.

Over the weekend, the “Bio-Dome” actor shared a throwback photo of himself and Fraser on the set of “Encino Man” as he celebrated the 29th anniversary of the film.

“29 years ago this weekend, ‘Encino Man’ hit the big screen,” Shore wrote.

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“Heres a personal pic with myself and Brendan Fraser on the set. Peace Brendan, miss you. Hope you’re doing great in this crazy world. And you guys know what Brendans peace sign means right? Encino Man 2 doooooooddzzzz,” he added. “Hit up Disney+ and tell them myself, Brendan, and Sean are ready for the sequel.”

“Encino Man” also starred Sean Astin. The film is commonly referred to “California Man” in many countries.

Wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day, he added one of the film’s iconic lines: “We’ll be wiezen the juice.”

This isn’t the first time Shore has brought up the idea of a sequel, asking his fans last year, “How many people want to see ‘Encino Man 2’?!”

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“Encino Man” is about two teens (Shore and Astin) who find a caveman (Fraser) and bring him into modern-day life.

The film can be streamed on Disney+.

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