The current season of “Grey’s Anatomy” — its 17th — has certainly been eventful, with cast members old and new coming and going all season long.

While speaking with ET Canada’s Graeme O’Neil, star Camilla Luddington admits it took some pretty special acting skills to get through her romantic scenes with Jesse Williams after the announcement his character Jackson Avery will depart after this season.

“It was like the funniest way to film with anybody, like any kind of sexy stuff, because there was a point when we knew that Jesse was leaving, and so they definitely wanted it not to be romantic,” she explains. “They wanted it to be a ‘friends with benefits’ situation. So they would yell at us, like I’ve never been yelled at, like on set being like, ‘No chemistry! Less chemistry.'”

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Luddington reveals this season was more challenging as the cast did not know how it would end.

“Usually we have some idea of what happens in the finale, like, Oh, there’s going to be an explosion, there’s going to be a tornado, whatever it is,” she explains. “And then this year, silence. I think that we were all wondering, like, Is this the finale and we just haven’t been told? And they’re going to be like, ‘Hey, here’s the script and you’re all dead or whatever.'”

Ahead of the finale on June 3, the actress reveals “there’s lots of incredible things happening” and “we’re not all dead.”

“We have a wedding happening in our finale, we have Meredith Grey taking on a new role in the hospital, which is really exciting, and then Jo makes two really big decisions.”

Watch our full interview with Luddington below.