John Stamos isn’t here for Republican congressional candidate Omar Navarro’s criticism over the LGBTQIA+ representation in Disney’s latest feature film, “Cruella”.

Navarro took to Twitter over the weekend after seeing the Emma Stone-led flick, complaining about the gay character featured.

“The new Disney ‘Cruella’ with Emma Stone just ruined my childhood with an openly flamboyant gay in the movie,” Navarro wrote on Twitter. “Disney persist shoving the LGBT agenda down our throat.”

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And despite not being in the film, Stamos slammed the politician and the insensitive tweet.

“If that ruined your childhood, I hope you didn’t watch ‘Full House’,” Three single men, living under one roof, raising kids in San Francisco…” the “Big Shot” actor replied, referring to his many years as Uncle Jessie on “Full House” and Netflix’s reboot, “Fuller House”.

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John McCrea, who plays an openly gay character named Artie in the new film, previously opened up about his new role, telling, “It’s an opportunity that I very, very gladly take on. The thought that there might be some kid sitting in the cinema, maybe not even necessarily understanding why or how he identifies with Artie, but just it’s a feeling, isn’t it? You and I both know it’s just a feeling that you have. To think that I could be a part of that effort for a generation of kids blows my mind, it really does.”

“Cruella” is in theatres and steaming with premier access on Disney+ now.