Emma Stone is setting the record straight about a rumour doing the rounds online involving her and the Spice Girls.

Stone chats to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Wednesday, with the host asking her whether it’s true she broke her shoulder at the Spice Girls concert in London, U.K. back in 2019.

The star shares, “I broke my shoulder in June 2019 and we were supposed to start filming ‘Cruella’ [that] August or maybe even July, and I broke my shoulder in two places. But, for some reason the story became that I broke my shoulder at the Spice Girls concert that I was on somebody’s shoulders and fell and broke my own shoulder.

“That’s just not true,” she insists.

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Stone goes on, “I was supposed to go to the Spice Girls concert in London and I did go, but the night before someone had like a little house party nearby.

“This was 2019 pre-COVID so people could all be together and mingle and I was on a waxed floor in this house and I slipped and my arm went back behind me and I broke my shoulder.”

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She adds that she attended the concert in a sling, not knowing that her shoulder was broken.

Stone also reveals on “Ellen” how she’s recently become a die-hard Phoenix Suns fan after Michael Jordan’s docuseries, “The Last Dance”, as well as talking about her latest film, “Cruella”.

Plus, Stone discusses whether it was confusing on-set sharing a name with her co-star Emma Thompson, and, since DeGeneres named a bathroom after Thompson in the Riff Raff Room, “The Dame Emma Thompson Loo”, she then surprises Stone by dedicating a paper towel dispenser in her name.