Kaitlyn Bristowe is fully into wedding-planning mode.

This week, the former “Bachelorette” appeared on the “Bachelor Happy Hour” podcast with Becca Kufrin and Catherine Lowe and talked about her engagement to Jason Tartick.

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“It’s been like a non-stop celebratory time. We have four meetings tomorrow with four different wedding planners to decide who we want to pick. We want a short engagement.

“I just know basically as soon as we can get the ball rolling, I want it to be like a Great Gatsby-like black-tie event, very glam, which is so opposite of what I thought I’d want,” she continued. “Four years ago I would have been like, ‘I want bohemian. I want farm-style.’ I just keep changing my mind.”

She also revealed that she and Tartick disagree a bit on how big the wedding party should be.

“Jason wants it to be big. I want it to be more intimate,” Bristowe said. “So we’re going to have to learn our compromising skills.”

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Also on the show, Bristowe talked about watching the upcoming “Bachelorette” season starring Katie Thurston unfold.

“I think, when you talk to networks and TV shows and people that are pitching things, I think the one common thing people want to see is community, women empowerment. I think people want to see love, happy relationships — relatable things, which this season is full of relatable things,” she said of the season. “I think people will really enjoy this little — I don’t know how to explain it — a refresh of being the support system of having two women there.”

She added, “One thing we kept saying is, ‘My gosh, it would have been so nice to have this when we were the Bachelorette, to have women who have been in our shoes before come in and be there.’ If it’s just a shoulder to cry on, if it’s, you need advice, if you’re feeling alone in it or if you’re feeling like you can’t do it, which we all feel at a certain point.”