There’s someone else in Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello’s marriage.

Vergara chats to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Thursday, joking about how the couple’s adopted dog Bubbles has completely stolen her other half.

As DeGeneres shows a photo of the pup, Vergara says: “I don’t have a dog, it’s not mine. Joe has a dog,” admitting she originally got the Chihuahua for herself.

Vergara says of the snap, “Look at her. Idiot. It doesn’t even look like a Chihuahua, it looks like some kind of teddy bear. [The dog was] for me, I got it for myself, she arrived and completely ignored me. Went straight to him. She has taken everything that was mine.”

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The “Modern Family” star says: “It’s not a laughing thing — it’s horrible, she’s taken my husband, my bed.

“They sleep together and I sleep on the other side. It has become something so weird.

“But I have to say it’s not Joe’s fault, she’s obsessed with him,” Vergara adds.

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As DeGeneres points out she can understand why someone would be obsessed with Manganiello, Vergara quips: “Yes, but not to that level. She hates me.

“If he has to go away for work and she knows she has to stay with me in the house and knows she has to deal with me, [she] won’t do eye contact.

“She’s always looking out, every little noise… she cannot enjoy the time with me.”

Vergara also jokes about not being able to remember why she posed on a giant high-heeled shoe for a lingerie snap and tells DeGeneres how she constantly gets caught by paparazzi while eating.

Plus, she discusses the latest season of “AGT”, as well as playing a hilarious game of “Burning Questions”.