Dwayne Johnson is decompressing with a little help from his fish.

Johnson posted an Instagram video on Wednesday showing off a large fish he caught in his private pond.

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“I just want to show you guys really quickly,” Johnson told his viewers. “I just hauled out this good, I should say six, seven, possibly eight-pounder. Look at the beautiful belly on this fish, beautiful colours too as well. This is one nice healthy fish.”

“I raise my largemouth bass, I raise my striped bass, [and] my variety of sub fish. There are a few other species in here, too [including trout, carp, and sunfish]. I work very closely with a university biologist,” he continued. “We come out here and created a beautiful ecosystem out here for these fish. And we feed them — I feed these babies!”

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Johnson, 49, eventually returned the large catch to his private pond: “All right, say goodbye to everybody.”

In the post’s caption, which you can read above, “The Rock” detailed how important his connection to mother nature is.