Looking stylish is second nature for Rihanna.

The “We Found Love” singer is not only on the cover of Vogue Italia, she went one step further by shooting and styling the cover herself.

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As the cover star of the “Do It Yourself” issue, the artist wears a sheer, black Valentino gown and high heels, with the credit reading, “Rihanna by Rihanna.”

“On set Rihanna played simultaneously the artist and the muse, the observer and the observed, the director and the character, experimenting on the fine line that exists between the two sides of an artist,” the caption on Vogue Italia‘s Instagram post explained.

“But we’ve never invited the featured person to do everything by themselves: to pose, take the photographs and choose the clothes to wear. If there was a right occasion for this new experiment, it could only have been the DIY issue. Neither could there have been a better protagonist than Rihanna – who has appeared on so many covers, but never like this time in the version in which she, and only she, has chosen to portray herself, without filters or any mediation.”

An alternate cover features Rihanna in a jacket with her back turned but her face visible on a monitor.

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Rihanna also shared a number of photos featured inside the issue, including one in which she wears the sheer gown again, another in a red dress, and one more in multiple layers of streetwear.