The stage is calling for Adam Lambert.

In an interview with Gay News, the “American Idol” alum talks about the new musical he’s been working on during the pandemic.

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“It had been in the works a little before the pandemic, but what I found with being at home was that I was able to really focus on it.

“I did a lot of writing sessions via Zoom with some amazing writers and producers. Being on Zoom isn’t quite as magical as being in the room with people, but we wrote some great songs,” Lambert continued. “So the musical is well underway and I’m very excited about it. It’s something I’m not really ready to reveal exactly what it’s about yet, but at some point, sooner than later I’ll be able to talk about it.”

Lambert has a history with the stage, having appeared in small productions early in his career, prior to appearing on “American Idol”.

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Also in the interview, Lambert praised artists like Lil Nas X who are expressing their sexuality in public.

“I am so excited about what Lil Nas X did. I just think it’s high time we had somebody out there being exactly who they are,” he said. “The thing I love about what he’s doing is not just to say the statistic of a queer person having this many streams and all that, but I also love the tone of what he’s doing. It’s finally challenging the double standards.

“We have straight artists creating this type of entertainment and we’ve grown accustomed to it over the past 25 years, but when it came to gay artists we had to tone it down or make sure that it wasn’t too sexualized or aggressive, and it had to be safe and easy to digest. What Lil Nas X is doing is being a rock star about it. He’s being subversive and it’s great.”