The Backstreet Boys are already planning celebrations for their 30th anniversary.

While speaking with ET Canada’s Keshia Chante, AJ McLean reveals the boys have some elaborate plans for their milestone in 2023.

“We are holding off until the big 30, our dirty 30 if you will,” he explains. “There’s obviously talks about going back to Vegas to do another residency around that time, hopefully, God willing, that’s how it plays out.”

For now, the group are hard at work on another big project that’s been a long time coming: their first-ever Christmas album.

“We want to make something that is timeless,” he shares. “Something that is compared to, like, Mariah Carey’s Christmas song that has lasted generations and years and years. It’s gonna be a banger. I promise you that. I’m excited.”

In the meantime, fans can listen to McLean’s solo single “Love Song Love”.

The 43-year-old singer celebrates the trans community in the new music video, which sees him dressing in drag while dancing around a dollhouse.

“Being a huge advocate for the LGBT community, which I have been for years, it just kind of set off a lightbulb in my head,” says the singer. “To me, you know, ‘Love Song Love’ is that perfect love. Everybody wants that storybook love, not only with another person but with themselves.”

For the concept of the visuals, McLean says, “I wanted to find two transgender women to be in the video and to help spread the message of love, acceptance, tolerance, equality. We got so lucky with two amazing girls — Nahla Wyld, Carmen Carrera — both transgender women. I’m super proud of it.”