Seth Meyers has only had one encounter with Beyonce and it was an awkward one.

The “Late Night” host, 47, virtually stopped by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” and detailed the hilarious moment with Queen Bey, which happened during “Saturday Night Live”‘s 40th-anniversary party back in 2015.

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According to Meyers, he was trying to squeeze his way through a packed crowd while watching Prince perform on stage, when he came face-to-face with the icon herself.

“I was doing the ‘excuse me,'” he explained to Kelly Clarkson. “And my face came this close to Beyoncé and our eyes met and I just was like, ‘Pretty cool party, right?'”

“And she said, ‘yeah.’ And we just kept going,” Meyers continued while Clarkson erupted in laughter. “Like, the momentum took us away.”

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The comedian later shared, “My wife [Alexi Ashe] said, ‘Wow, you really killed that interaction.'”

“She’s like, ‘you better leave your ringer on,'” Meyers continued. “‘Cause you’re probably gonna get a call from Beyoncé!'”