Premiering Thursday, June 3, on the W network, the new musical-comedy “Girls5Eva” sees a one-hit-wonder band from the ’90s get a second shot at fame after a young rapper samples their music.

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Star Busy Philipps tells ET Canada’s Carlos Bustamante about being handpicked by executive producer and friend Tina Fey for the role of Summer Dutkowsky.

“It’s a dream, it’s a dream,” she gushes. “I feel incredibly grateful that it’s one of my comedy idols Tina Fey, you know?

“It’s surreal that I get to work with her and that I’m friends with her now. Like, I don’t…I don’t even get it. I’m like, What is this life? I don’t get it.”

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While Philipps gets to live out her ’90s pop-star fantasy in “Girls5Eva”, her character has to balance relationships, kids, debt, aging, and so much more.

“I will say that our throwback songs, while they are satire, obviously, I feel like they’re not that far off lyrically from some of the songs that pop songs that we’ve heard young pop stars sing,” she teases.

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While she may be rocking out on set, at home, Philipps makes sure to bring self-empowerment to her children: seven-year-old Cricket and 12-year-old Birdie, who identifies as gay and non-binary.

“We celebrate our kids for who they are and your job as a parent is just to be supportive. That’s it,” she states. “It’s so easy, actually, you know, and to love them and make sure that they’re safe.”