Helen Mirren had a blast on the set of “Fast & Furious 9” with Vin Diesel.

The Oscar-winning icon, 75, chatted about her time on the latest franchise flick with E! News‘ “Daily Pop”, revealing she was so excited to finally get behind the wheel in a “F&F” car.

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While she didn’t spill too many details surrounding the plot of the upcoming film, she said, “I got to drive, finally.”

“I’ve done two movies, ‘Oh ‘Fast & Furious’, here comes the script. Oh, I’m in jail. I won’t be driving. I can’t be driving in jail,'” Mirren continued. “And then this one arrived and yes, here I am in the getaway car, great, with Vin [Diesel]. Fabulous!”

But their time filming was met with some difficulties.

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“Both Vin and I had great difficulty getting in, and then even more difficulty trying to get out, especially Vin because he’s really big,” Mirren recalled.

Adding, “It was very funny.”

Mirren and Diesel race into action in “Fast & Furious 9” as it hits big screens this month.