The search for Andy Neiman, a childhood friend of Andy Cohen, has reached its sad conclusion.

Neiman, 48, went missing on May 21. His death was confirmed on the GoFundMe page friend Stephanie Saur set up to help fund the search for the missing person.

“We are utterly heartbroken to share that Andy’s body has been found in Poughkeepsie,” the GoFundMe page reads. “THANK YOU to all who have given so much to help with the search.”

The fundraiser has increased its goal to raise additional funds to support Andy’s 8-year-old daughter and to cover funeral costs.

Neiman’s sister Emily Abramson also confirmed the death in a tribute to her late brother posted on Facebook.

“I know not how to reckon with something of this magnitude as one great whole, so I am confronting it in bite-sized pieces: old voicemails, videos, emails, stitching together the story of our love and his mighty presence on this planet,” Abramson wrote.

“As before, when we were on the hunt to bring him home, your words of love and prayer and encouragement bring me great comfort at this time. Do not be afraid of saying the wrong thing. Thank you for being the web that I can fall into.”

Cohen had previously shared a poster on Facebook about three weeks ago seeking Neiman’s whereabouts.

“Andy is younger than me, but we went to the same camp — Nebagamon in Wisconsin — and the same high school,” Cohen told E! News. “I’m praying for his safe return, along with a lot of folks in St Louis.”

Neiman, an actor and playwright who has bipolar disorder, was last seen leaving the MidHudson Regional Hospital in Poughkeepsie, New York, on the evening of Friday, May 21.

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According to authorities, he was last seen wearing a “blue/green scrub shirt and scrub pants, no shoes, and socks.”

The GoFundMe was originally set up to raise money to hire a private investigator to help find Neiman. According to the original posting, Neiman had “a history of mental illness and may be suffering from psychosis.”

The GoFundMe added, “Unfortunately, leads to date have not materialized locating Andy. While we are disappointed, we remain undeterred. We have increased our GoFundMe goal in this critical time to find Andy and are redoubling efforts to hire additional private investigators, fly drones, advertise, pound the pavement, and search the woods, parks, and waters where Andy may be.”

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