Dave Chappelle hilariously crashed Michael Che’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” interview Thursday.

Che chatted to Kimmel from Chappelle’s house in rural Ohio, so obviously Chappelle had to say hi… only he turned out to be on screen for most of the interview.

Chappelle did a great job at promoting his “The Midnight Miracle” podcast, holding a sign up behind Che, as well as talking to Kimmel about the outdoor shows he’s been hosting near his home since last summer.

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Kimmel also asked Che about the weird gifts he and “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update co-anchor Colin Jost would get each other for their birthdays.

Chappelle hilariously interrupted, “I have a weird gift story.

“I have a weird gift story. I’m so sorry to interrupt, but it’s a good one. Years ago when I was doing ‘Chappelle’s Show’, it was Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ birthday. Guess what I bought him for his birthday. What do you get the guy that has everything?”

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“A pony?” Kimmel suggested, to which Chappelle replied, “No, a Sean John sweatsuit. A velour Sean John sweatsuit.”

Since Chappelle had been promoting his “Midnight Miracle” podcast throughout the chat anyway, Kimmel eventually said: “Dave, do you have anything you’d like to plug before we go?”

“You know what, Jimmy?” Chappelle joked. “Because you said it like that, no.”

See more in the clip above.