“Friends” character Phoebe Buffay’s “Smelly Cat” is known around the world, but actress Lisa Kudrow needed some help remembering how to play it.

Kudrow chats to Ellen DeGeneres on her show Friday, with the host asking her about performing the much-loved song during the recent “Friends” HBO Max reunion.

“That was great,” Kudrow says of her epic performance with Lady Gaga. “I was really nervous when I first heard that. And then I prepared—I realized I had to learn ‘Smelly Cat’ again. And I tuned my guitar and then realized I don’t know the chords.”

She adds, “But I googled it. All the chords were there for ‘Smelly Cat’. Thank you, world, for posting the chords.”

Kudrow also recalls how her “throat closed,” telling DeGeneres: “I was so panicked, I couldn’t get anything out. I didn’t know what was going to happen. But it worked out.”

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Kudrow then admits Gaga “really almost made me cry” when she thanked her for creating a character who encouraged people to embrace their differences.

“Coming from her—because my son was in grade school, all the kids were listening to Lady Gaga, and her whole message was, ‘Everyone be yourself and just be you,'” Kudrow shares. “That was amazing.”

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Kudrow was pregnant with her son Julian, who recently graduated from university, during season 4 of “Friends”.

The star also discusses whether fans can expect another season of her hit sitcom, “The Comeback”.

Plus, DeGeneres later welcomes Kudrow’s “Feel Good” co-star and show creator, Mae Martin.