Ed Sheeran answered a series of questions from some of the U.K.’s hardest-hitting young journalists in a new BBC Radio 1 interview.

Kids asked the questions no adult would ever dare to. For instance, one youngster asked Sheeran about the last lie he told.

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The musician insisted, “I try to be very, very honest because I feel like, with lying, you always get caught out.

“I can’t remember the last one, it was probably a white lie to do with parenting.”

Another kid quizzed Sheeran on how much money he has.

The star expertly dodged the question: “I’ve done all right, and I would say I have more than I would ever need, I think.”

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He also said he likes to give back a lot, as well as insisting Google makes it sound like you have that amount of money in the bank, but that’s not necessarily the case.

Plus, Sheeran revealed why Harry Styles was once at his gig in Preston, U.K., and jokingly took a swipe at the U.S. for not being able to do British food properly.

See more in the clip above.