Patrick Renna, best known for playing Hamilton “Ham” Porter in “The Sandlot”, is recreating a classic scene from the beloved 1993 comedy, thanks to his son’s baseball accident.

“So Smalls, a.k.a. my 4-year-old son Flynn, got his first black eye playing baseball,” says Renna in the video he shared on Instagram.

“And I knew exactly what to do,” he continues, joined by his son on the couch.

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Renna then slaps a raw steak on Flynn’s face as the youngster giggles.

“If you know, you know,” Renna adds.

In the movie, Scotty (nicknamed Smalls) is playing catch with his stepfather, Bill (Denis Leary) when a baseball smacks him in the eye.

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Bill brings him into the kitchen and uses the time-tested raw-steak remedy, placing the meat over his eye and warning the boy, “You gotta watch out for that curve.”

This isn’t the first time that Renna has recreated a classic moment from the movie; back in April, he shared a similar throwback video.

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