Miley Cyrus likes to keep her family close.

The singer, 28, chatted with British Vogue ahead of her #ShowYourLayers livestream concert, and opened up about some of the important things in her life, including family, fashion and music.

When it comes to family, Cyrus says she likes to keep her loved ones close and private.

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“I have a very intimate and close relationship with my family. But like all families, we’re also complex, but we embrace the fact that each of us are so different from one another,” she said. “Me and my siblings, we’re a lot alike, but we also have big differences. And we just accept that and don’t judge each other. And our family makes unconditional love a priority.”

And with fashion, Cyrus said she feels as though it’s like “wearing your heart.”

“Fashion to me is kind of flipping yourself inside out. It’s like wearing your heart, wearing your guts, wearing your values, wearing your identity, wearing your pain, wearing your joy,” she explained. “There’s something kind of childlike [about it]. You’re so fearless when you get yourself dressed when you’re a kid. You don’t think about what someone will think of you or what they’ll judge. It’s just about expression and how you feel that day.”

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She added, “There’s a fearlessness. And so when I get dressed, I try to kind of think like my inner child, and be genuine and authentic in whatever I’m wearing.”

Similar to style, she said music is also a way to bare it all.

“I’ve always loved music since I was born, but it was never genre-specific,” the “Hannah Montana” alum said. “I listened and loved and found something that I related to in everything, so whether that was country, blues, jazz or pop, I found myself in that.”

Cyrus’ #ShowYourLayers concert will stream live on YouTube on June 10.