Ahead of the finale of “Pose” on Sunday, director Janet Mock and stars MJ Rodriguez, Indya Moore, and Dominique Jackson spoke to Harper’s Bazaar for a special digital cover.

Looking back at the progress the groundbreaking show has made, Mock told the publication, “I’m really proud of our producers, the network, and the studio for their faith in us—the faith in our stories, that they were worthy of investing millions of dollars in, on top of what it already costs to do this show, to bring us back. Because our stories matter and are important, and should be onscreen.”

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The stars all agreed that Mock was the right person to lead the show.

“I knew that we were going to be safe,” Moore said. “So, thank you for protecting me and for protecting all of us through all these weird moments in Hollywood, where we were being processed and interpreted through lenses that don’t have the capacity to hold all that we are.”

Janet Mock, Mj Rodriquez, Indya Moore. Photo: John Edmonds
Janet Mock, Mj Rodriquez, Indya Moore. Photo: John Edmonds — Photo: John Edmonds

They all took turns looking at their characters, with Rodriguez saying she was close to quitting acting after hearing “no” so many times.

“I saw the description of Blanca and what she represented, and I knew, I want this role. And then I remember sharing a moment with Dominique in the audition room, and I thought, This feels good. Not only is the show about the strong Black trans women in our lives that have never gotten their own story, it’s also with people that I know. But I had my reservations personally, as far as my transness—how the world was going to receive me or going to receive our stories collectively. But I was proven wrong, honey. We turnt it,” Rodriguez said.

She added that she was “more than ready” to “let the world know about my transness.”

“So I was nervous but also diligent in knowing my message and purpose,” Rodriguez added about being “not only a trans woman, but also a Latina and African-American woman.”

Indya Moore. Photo: John Edmonds
Indya Moore. Photo: John Edmonds

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For Jackson, finding out she got the part while in the process of completing her gender-affirming surgery “was the most joyous, most validating accomplishment that any person could have.”

So as they got ready to say goodbye to the show, Mock reflected, “It’s the legacy of our foremothers who, when no one offered them anything, made their own s**t up and showed up and showed out, and made their dreams come true with no societal acceptance or any kind of resources. To me, ‘Pose’ is a love letter to those women and to those people who made magic out of nothing.”