There’s more to Carey Hart than meets the eye.

On Monday, Carey Hart appears on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and talks about his kids following in his motocross footsteps, and appearing in his wife Pink’s documentary.

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Hart admits, “I can’t say I want to see them try to make a career out of motocross but I do want them to be able to ride motorcycles.”

DeGeneres also asks about Pink’s documentary “All I Know So Far”, which shows her with her family.

Hart reveals that his wife didn’t actually ask him at first if he was okay with appearing in the doc but she finally did talk to him about it after rough cuts were assembled.

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“A little too late now,” he told her, but he says, “I’m kinda glad I got to show a little bit of my vulnerable side, like being a father, as opposed to I’m perceived as this wild, crazy, motorcycle, tattooed scumbag.”

He also says he played a bit of a prank on Pink, asking her to cut out his entire interview from the doc the night before it went live.

“The look on her face was amazing,” he says.