Justin Bieber has teamed up with Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, and Usher to drop an all-star remix of “Peaches”.

Ludacris raps: “I get my peaches out in Georgia Apple Bottom from New York, orange in Florida/ Vitamin C mixed with this vitamin D, now you got vitamin me/ And your prescriptions fill more than them trees in California/ I’m always gon’ adore ya’, kiss you and caress you/ Anything just to spoil ya, gift ya’, protect ya.”

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Usher then sings, “Don’t make me think she mad at you/ She from Decatur so she got little attitude/ She do what she wanna do. Wonder where she learn to bounce that booty/ What’s her secret? I bet her momma went to Freaknik.”

Snoop raps, “Land of the tree, home is the base, home is the base/ Kush in my woods, smokin’ with grace, smokin’ with grace/ Pass it around and give them a taste.

“And you can tell that it’s fire by the look on they face/ Blame it on Dogg, I did it again, I did it again/ Whole VIP smellin’ like it’s Christmas, you don’t wanna miss this/ California weed on ten, this hits different.”

Bieber’s release comes after he performed at the Juno Awards for the first time in 11 years on Sunday night, belting out the Justice song “Somebody”.