Candis Cayne has been a trailblazing actress for years, and now she’s looking back at some of her most iconic moments.

In E!’s “True Hollywood Story: Transgender Hollywood”, the actress, 49, recalled one moment in particular when she called out a “CSI: New York” exec over the inaccurate portrayal of trans women.

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Ahead of her 2007 turn on “CSI: New York”, Cayne recalled, “It was originally for a drag performer to do a Britney Spears-esque style performance on stage and then she gets killed in the men’s bathroom at the stall.”

She continued, “I went up to the director and I said to her, ‘Listen, I’m trans and no trans woman would go into the men’s bathroom.’ And so I said, ‘I can’t do something that a trans person wouldn’t do on camera.'”

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So because of Cayne, the role was reworked.

Cayne also celebrated the fact that her part on “CSI” was pretty groundbreaking at the time: “In the past, all the trans roles would go to cis woman and so I thought since this is a primetime network that they probably won’t go for the trans actor… but then I got a callback and they said, ‘You got it.'”

The “THS: Transgender Hollywood” special airs Monday, just in time for Pride Month.