Justin Theroux is revealing why he regrets sharing his opinion on The Leftovers” season finale. 

The critically acclaimed HBO series ended with an ambiguous question back in 2017.  

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Viewers were left guessing whether Nora Durst (Carrie Coon) lied about the machine that transported her to an alternative dimension.

The show culminated in Nora telling Theroux’s character, Kevin Garvey, about what happened to her during the trip. 

“My theory is that she’s lying to me,” he told Entertainment Weekly in 2019. “And she didn’t go to this other place, and she’s using that to try and get me to leave or to not be with her. It’s sort of implied, because our show, a lot of times when people would have monologues or say things, we’d flash back to those events. And in that monologue, there’s no flashback to the event.”

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Continuing, “I think it’s a defence mechanism. She’s like, I’m going to tell him this story and he’s gonna go, ‘You’re bats— crazy’ and he’s gonna leave. And he ends up saying, ‘I don’t care, you’re here, you’re the love of my life, and so I’m going to stay with you.’”

However, Theroux has since had a change of heart about the show’s ending. 

 “One time, I came down on one side or the other about the story, and then I regretted it,” he said during a new interview with  The Hollywood Reporter.

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“So I don’t want anyone to Google what my answer would be. But in the same vein as Matt being, ‘Let people have their stories,’ I very much enjoy hearing both sides… I feel like a bit of a jerk for ever giving my opinion on it because I don’t want to deprive anyone else of their story and I don’t want to sway anyone either way.”

 “The Leftovers” centred on the people who were left behind after 2 per cent of the world’s population mysteriously vanished.