Ever since director Jon M. Chu saw the trailer for “The Lion King”, which was just the intro to the movie, when he was young, he dreamed of doing the same for audiences one day.

And on Monday, that dream came true as the extended intro for “In The Heights” was released.

The incredible opening number – complete with some very special cameos — will have you on your feet.

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“There are some REAL Washington Heights community members doing their real jobs in the opening number,” Chu revealed on Twitter.

With Lin-Manuel Miranda behind the music, you know it is sure to be a winner, but just in case you had any doubts, Oprah Winfrey, Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson, and Hugh Jackman all shared why you should go see it.

“I loved it, loved it, loved it so much,” Oprah said.

“It is phenomenal, it filled with me with life,” the “Wolverine” star said. “The acting is incredible, the dancing is incredible.”

Grande added, “It couldn’t be more brilliantly done.”

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“It is the day in the life of people who have dreams, who aspire to be more but also remember that home is where you always want to come back to,” Johnson praised.

After a year without any blockbuster releases, “In The Heights” is bringing the glam back to the theatres. It will also be available to rent at home starting June 10.