Tom Hanks almost didn’t play the role of Josh in the hit 1988 movie “Big”.

Robert De Niro chatted to Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s “Tonight Show” and confirmed some myths about his lengthy career during the interview.

Admitting he was set to play Josh, De Niro added: “We had a thing with the negotiation so it went the way it went. But that was fine.”

De Niro’s comments come after Elizabeth Perkins revealed Hanks wasn’t originally due to play Josh in “Big” during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live”.

Perkins said the movie would have been “more moody” with De Niro in it.

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During his appearance, De Niro was also asked whether he ad-libbed one of his most famous lines, Travis Bickle’s “Are you talkin’ to me?”, in “Taxi Driver”.

He told Fallon it was “more or less” true, adding it’s one of the lines he hears most from fans.

“Sometimes from odd places,” De Niro shared.

“I remember years ago in L.A., down in the valley, a bunch of kids pulled up next to me at a red light and say, ‘Are you talkin’ to me?’ I don’t know how they recognized me.”

See more in the clip above.

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