Jason Sudeikis is letting fans in on all of his plans for “Ted Lasso”.

Just a year after debuting season one on AppleTV+, the actor and creator of the breakout comedy covers the July issue of Entertainment Weekly and dishes on the show’s future.

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Sudeikis created the character Ted Lasso for a 2013 commercial promoting NBC’s broadcast of Premiere League matches. It was the “Saturday Night Live” alum’s then-fiancée, Olivia Wilde, who suggested the idea to build out the character into a TV show. He has since scored both a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for his portrayal of Lasso.

“It’s been profound. Not a day goes by when I don’t receive a message from someone talking about how the show affected them,” Sudeikis told the mag.

But to Sudeikis, his awards are “only a reflection of who I get to act with.”

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Fans became enamoured with “Ted Lasso” during the pandemic, but when asked if he’s worried people won’t watch when the world goes back to “normal”, Sudeikis says, “I don’t worry about any of it. As long as we know what the show is, and know why it is what it is, that’s all that I could offer anybody.”

As far as season two, the actor says, “People go into their caves and face their s**t.”

“Ted Lasso” has already been picked up for season three.