T.I. addresses sexual abuse allegations against him and his wife Tiny in the music video for “What It’s Come To”.

T.I. released the music video on Monday. It features lyrics and dramatized visuals relating to the multiple abuse allegations levied against the couple. Both T.I. (real name Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.) and his wife Tiny (real name Tameka Dianne Harris) are featured in the video.

“The object of the game is kill the king/ So till the blade meet my neck on the guillotine,” T.I. raps. “But I’ma be standin’ tall like a statue/ N***a f**k that, ‘He say, she say’/ If the receipts say that s**t ain’t factual.”

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“I was built for all this s**t, God sent me here with a mission/ That’s somethin’ can’t let no human or no demon interfere with,” he continues.

Actors play Sabrina Peterson, who accused T.I. of putting a gun to her head, and attorney Tyrone A. Blackburn, who is reportedly seeking a criminal investigation. He also labels the accusers “The Parasites”.

Peterson addressed the music video in a since-deleted Instagram Story.

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“I have been in federal trouble before, no matter how the public feels about they can’t save you,” she argued. “Since your million-dollar team won’t tell you, I will.

“You aren’t taunting me, you are taunting your investigators. You aren’t taunting me, you are igniting more women that have stayed quiet that you victimized,” she concluded. “Dummy.”

T.I. and Tiny have been accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women.