Ryan Reynolds gives every father what they want on Father’s Day, The Vasectomy.

Reynolds, 44, is celebrating Father’s Day this year with a new cocktail he affectionately dubs, “The Vasectomy”. In a new video posted to social media, the Vancouver-born “Deadpool” actor walks you through his latest invention.

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“It’s Father’s Day, but if you don’t mind we’re going to celebrate with the mother of all cocktails, The Vasectomy,” Reynolds explains before the video cuts to various shots of cocktail ingredients with men helplessly screaming in the background. “Let me show you how to make it.”

The Vasectomy calls for a tall glass with ice, 1-ounce of cranberry juice, three-ounces of tonic and a dash of lemon juice, preferably freshly squeezed but store bought works. Finally, one 1-and-a-half-ounces of Aviation American Gin. Stir and garnish with a little slice of sunshine, a.k.a. orange peel.

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“Now that is as refreshing as fatherhood,” Reynolds claims, as he takes a sip. “A little something I call The Vasectomy for no f**king reason at all.”

Aviation American Gin was first produced in 2006. Reynolds acquired a stake in the brand in February 2018 and continues to be a face for the brand. For a limited time only, gin aficionados and fans alike can purchase the Aviation Gin Vasectomy Father’s Day Cocktail Kit through SourcedCocktails.com.