Shoppers at Canada’s discount grocery store No Frills may be familiar with the new album the chain dropped last September.

Titled Haulin’ State of Mind, the album features an array of tongue-in-cheek songs with such titles as “Bag It Up”, “A Cart Apart” and “Low Bills”.

The album wound up on Jimmy Fallon’s radar on a recent episode of “The Tonight Show”, as part of a regular bit called “Jimmy’s No Play List”, in which host he mocks ridiculous records he comes across.

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As anyone who’s heard Haulin’ State of Mind can attest, there’s plenty to make fun of in the deliberately silly album — which Fallon and co. didn’t realize was a joke as Fallon played the track “Bananas”, an ode to the yellow-skinned fruit.

In fact, Fallon and “Tonight” announcer Steve Higgins had much fun with the song, particularly a line declaring that bananas are “portable.”

Canadians who were in on the joke took to Twitter to mock the mockers, pointing out that Fallon and Higgins were making fun of something that wasn’t meant to be taken seriously in the first place.

According to blogTO, No Frills’ parent company, Loblaw Companies Ltd., confirms that the album’s “Tonight Show” cameo was indeed random and not part of some clever marketing campaign.

“We had nothing to do with the segment, it was totally organic,” a No Frills rep told blogTO when asked about the Fallon clip. “And while we’re pleased with the added profile for the album, we must respectfully disagree with Mr Fallon — we remain firm in our belief that the banana represents the best of the best as far as fruit portability is concerned.”