Christopher Meloni appears in the latest edition of Interview Magazine, along with a series of Polaroid-style photos in which he’s lifting barbells and flexing his buff physique.

During the interview, the 60-year-old “Law & Order: Organized Crime” star was asked about being a “zaddy,” a.k.a. an attractive older man.

“I’ve been called that a lot, and who am I to argue with it? Sure, I’m a zaddy,” he admitted.

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However, he was also quick to point out that his physique is a combination of genetics and hard work in the gym, particularly when it comes to one particular part of his anatomy.

“This is what has happened. I’ve been blessed with glutes that have an attractive shape,” he said.

“But I have a trainer, and we’re going through bodybuilding phases, and where everyone kind of caught me was that I’d been preparing for one year in a very high-intensity weight training program that actually focused on legs,” he explained.

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“So I guess you could argue that the glute-peeping public are now reaping the benefits of all that hard work,” Meloni joked.

Meloni also addressed a question about fans’ ongoing desire to see his “L&O” character, Elliot Stabler, hook up with Mariska Hargitay’s Det. Olivia Benson. 

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“Meaning that if you’re an Elliot and Olivia shipper, you’re thirsting to see their relationship be consummated?” he said, but intimated it was never going to happen.

“That’s like asking me to try to stop the northbound train by lying down on the track,” he quipped. “That’s a third-rail question.”