Sean Hayes is the latest star to drop by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for an in-studio interview.

During his visit, the “Will & Grace” alum discusses his new podcast “HypochondriActor”.

The idea for the podcast, Hayes admitted, came to him after he began noticing how his body began changing after he hit 50.

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“You get a certain age and everything starts to fall apart,” he admitted, telling host Ellen DeGeneres that if she named a body part, he could come up with a story about an ailment he’s experienced with said body part.

In another part of the interview, they play a game called “Sean ‘Blanking’ Hayes,” challenging him to fill in the blanks of different statements.

Among the revelations that emerged from the game was the one thing he hasn’t done in a very long time and why he would happily trade places with DeGeneres’ wife, Portia de Rossi.