After causing a big stir, Simu Liu is clarifying his words.

In a new statement to Vanity Fair, the “Kim’s Convenience” star explained that he is still “proud” of the show that led to his stardom.

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The statement comes after the Canadian actor made waves with a controversial Facebook post in which he candidly expressed frustrations with the demise of the show, his character’s arc, his treatment by producers, and more.

“The immigrant experience is rarely depicted in mainstream media in a positive light, and for that very reason, ‘Kim’s Convenience’ has a very special place in the hearts of countless fans globally—including mine,” Liu told Vanity Fair. “‘Kim’s’ is one of the most unique shows to hit the air, with its focus on individual and communal growth, family, and most importantly: immigrant culture. Kim’s gave me my first opportunity to portray an Asian character with significant story arcs and subtleties that most Western Asian actors can only dream of. The show was integral in allowing me to find my voice and shape the perspective and platform that I now have.”

Regarding his Facebook post, Like said, “My recent comments on the ending of ‘Kim’s Convenience’ were never meant to be a massive bombshell exposé, nor was I trying to call anyone out specifically. These were a string of thoughts that came from a deep and personal perspective that is incredibly nuanced.”

Simu Liu – Photo: Doug Inglish / Vanity Fair
Simu Liu – Photo: Doug Inglish / Vanity Fair

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He continued, “I am incredibly appreciative of the work that the team put out for the past five seasons. It’s a period of my life that helped shape me in many ways. The entirety of the experience helped me express the passion that I, prior to this project, could not properly articulate: pride. Pride in the individual, pride in one’s culture and heritage, and pride in one’s community. I am proud of everything accomplished during our run and cannot wait to see how the legacy of the show and others like it impact future generations in finding their voice and telling their own stories.”

In the original Facebook post, Liu had described growing “increasingly frustrated” during his time on the show, though he also expressed that it had been his desire to return for a sixth season before the producers ended the show after only five when its original showrunners departed.

Liu has also been busy in Hollywood, starring in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings”.