Diddy and J. Cole have clearly buried the hatchet from their 2013 scuffle.

Cole pulled a fast one over Diddy when the pair recently linked up. The two hip hop stars are were about to pose for a photo on a balcony when Cole faced Diddy and squared up with his knuckles up. Sean Combs laughed before obliging and putting his own fists off for a classic fight face-off.

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The video is a nod to a reported 2013 scuffle between Cole and Diddy’s camps at an MTV Video music Awards after-party in New York City.

Stories of the incident re-entered the public conscious after Cole mentioned it in “Let Go My Hand”, a song from his most-recent album, The Off-Season. The song actually features an outro prayer from Diddy.”

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“And with my reputation at stake/I was scufflin’ just to save face/Couple wins, couple losses, some broken up too quick to call it/My last scrap was with Puff Daddy, who would’ve thought it?” Cole raps.

Rumour has it the 2013 scuffle took place after a “visibly intoxicated” Diddy attempted to confont Kendrick Lamar over his verse in Big Sean’s “Control”. In the song, Lamar put rappers on notice and proclaims himself the “King of New York”. Diddy allegedly tried to dump a drink on Lamar. Cole reportedly intervened. This led to a “brief scuffle” between Diddy and Cole’s teams.