Growing up “Brady” wasn’t always easy.

In a rare new interview with the Australian show “Today Extra”, actor Barry Williams opened up about starring in the iconic series “The Brady Bunch” as a teenager.

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“The years were very intense years for me,” he said. “All my teen years, 14 to 20, were on ‘The Brady Bunch’.”

He added that given his age at the time, “There were a lot of changes. You can hear the voice changing, you can see the hair changing, you can see the growth spurts going on with all of us. So, it was sometimes awkward and sometimes fun.””

At 66, Williams still looks back fondly on his time on “The Brady Bunch” and what the show has meant to popular culture.

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“I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to diversify and do different things,” he said, “but the ‘Brady’ has always been very much a constant and certainly because it’s never been off the air, people have made that connection and it’s very solid. So that’s mostly what I get recognized from and that’s fine with me. I feel like I have a nice relationship… a multi-generational relationship with so many different people.”

He added of his co-stars, “We maintain our relationships. We’ve seen all the major events of our lives together: Marriages and children and sometimes marriages that split.”