Spoiler Alert: This article contains details about Wednesday’s “Younger” finale.



“Younger” may have wrapped its seventh and final season on Wednesday evening, but creator Darren Star might be considering bringing the beloved characters back.

In a new interview with Deadline, Star says he’s open to the idea of a movie.

When “Younger” finished up Wednesday night, fans were still left with a few questions, most importantly, did Liza Miller, played by Sutton Foster, end up with Nico (Nico Tortorella) or Charles (Peter Hermann)?

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But Star says he’s already thinking about a possible movie to tie up the loose ends.

“I don’t know about rebooting the entire series, but could we come back for a movie at some point, that would be a lot of fun, down the line, to think about,” he teased.

And according to Star, it was always the plan to leave fans guessing.

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“I really didn’t want her to definitively end up with one guy or another but give her a really big victory at work, and that’s what she got, and that was the whole reason why she lied about her age,” he explained. “Also, I wanted her lie to have a cost, which it did to her relationship with Charles, and there was something, to me, just kind of elegant about ending sort of in the way it began and that she’s still this — that she and Josh are still very much in each other’s lives; that the relationship still is open-ended.”

“Younger” tells the story of Liza, a 40-year-old single mother who pretends to be younger than she is, in order to find a job in her desired field of work.

Hilary Duff, Miriam Shor, Debi Mazar, Molly Kate Bernard and more also star.