At the height of their “Beverly Hills, 90210” fame, Jennie Garth and Luke Perry once escaped from a mob of teenage fans by entering a cage in a zoo.

That’s the revelation that Garth made in a recent appearance in the “People in the ’90s” podcast, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

“I can remember one of the pivotal moments for me was I was on an appearance with Luke,” Garth said during her joint interview with “90210” co-star Tori Spelling.

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“They had sent us, I think it was Fresno, to do an appearance at a zoo, and it sort of summed it up for me because I felt like a zoo animal, in the zoo, and I was in a zoo,” she continued.

She recalled the experience being next-level crazy, remembering that “people were rushing the zoo cages” to get to them.

“We had to go out through one of the enclosures,” she said.

“I remember them putting us in a cage at the zoo, and I was like, ‘Oh, this feels good,'” Garth said.