In a sneak peek at Friday’s edition of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Howie Mandel pays a virtual visit, via video chat from a jail cell.

“I got my second vaccine,” Mandel explains, discussing the side effects, which he says don’t affect “a lot of people.”

However, he did recall medical personnel telling him that “I’m 13 per cent sexier after the second vaccine,” gesturing to his face and adding, “Can’t you tell? I swear to God this is not a filter.”

He adds, “This is me. This is the glory and the sexiness of Howie Mandel.”

In another segment, Mandel discusses his daughter, Jackelyn Shultz, who he thinks may be even more neurotic than he is, and discussed what it was like to reunite with his fellow “America’s Got Talent” judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara.

Mandel also discusses his podcast, “Howie Mandel Does Stuff”.

Since he’ll often talk about newsworthy topics on the podcast, DeGeneres challenges him and tWitch to a game of “Florida Blanking News,” where they must guess the missing words from actual — and actually crazy — headlines involving Florida folks.