A “Wheel of Fortune” contestant named Matt offered a guess to a word clue that was so unbelievably wrong that it may go down in game show history as one of the all-time worst answers.

Matt chose the letter N, which gave a total of $9,900, a commanding lead over his competitors.

After Vanna White flipped the corresponding letters, the board then read, “TH_  N_ _T  _ _ NER_T_ _N.”

Wheel of Fortune
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Anyone who guessed “THE NEXT GENERATION” can move to the front of the class but you won’t find Matt there.

“The best buttercup,” Matt declared. Host Matt Sajak simply responded, “Uh, no.”

Matt’s bonkers response did not go unnoticed on Twitter:

Despite his epic fail, Matt still enjoyed a happy ending. He won the game and took home $23,350.