Starring in a musical is a big deal for Julianne Moore.

On Thursday night, the “Lisey’s Story” star appeared on “Watch What Happens Live”, and host Andy Cohen asked about her role in the upcoming musical “Dear Evan Hansen”.

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Moore revealed that she hasn’t seen the film yet, but is excited about the cast, including lead star Ben Platt, reprising his role from the Broadway show.

“I have no doubt that Ben is brilliant in it. I think it’s an extraordinary cast,” she said. “I really just felt lucky to be there.”

She added, “I’m excited to see it, and terrified also. I hope I don’t stink.”

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Asked why she was so scared, Moore explained, “I don’t know, but this is a new thing for me! Singing a song!”

“Well, stinking in a movie would be a new thing for you too,” Cohen joked.