Jessica Biel and texting go hand-in-hand.

On Thursday, “The Sinner” star took to Instagram to respond to a viral tweet by writer Brandy Jensen about her unique looks.

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“Some people just can’t be believably cast in a period piece like sorry Jessica Biel you have a face that knows about text messaging,” Jensen suggested.

Seeing the tweet, Biel responded with a series of images showing herself in the 2006 period piece “The Illusionist”, followed by a screenshot of a tweet, and then an image of herself on an old cellphone screen from the 2004 movie “Cellular”.

“Born for wifi 🤣,” she wrote in the caption.

In the comments fans backed up Biel’s ability to star in period pieces.

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“Disagree! You are perfect for these period movies,” one person wrote, while another added, “Clearly they have never seen ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’, because the entire plot is built around the limitations of ’90s communication devices.”

Another commenter did grant Jensen, “In all fairness if it ain’t Kate Winslet or Kiera Knightley I’m not buying it. I remember thinking the same thing about many actresses.”