No, the Starbucks cup did not belong to Emilia Clarke.

This week, the “Game of Thrones” star appeared on theSkimm‘s “Texting With” video series and debunked rumours that the infamous coffee cup spotted in an episode of the fantasy show was hers.

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Asked what her morning drink of choice is, Clarke responded, “It’s not Starbucks — spoiler. So I’m going to say it again for the record was not mine. It was not mine. Looking at you Dan Weiss.”

Weiss was the co-creator of “Game of Thrones”, alongside David Benioff.

She was also asked who among the cast played therapist while working on the show.

“I think everyone probably had their own individual ones for me, Jacob and Natalie had to deal with a lot of ‘Hey guys, I’ve got some really big questions about life and the universe and everything,” Clarke said. “Could you answer them for me?”

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Asked what show’s she’s been bingeing lately, Clarke said, “‘Mare of Easttown’ I just did. I haven’t watched the final episode. I’m waiting for ‘Ozark’ and ‘Succession’ — come on guys, hustle!”

Clarke also talked about her new comic book, Mother of Madness.

“There is a young woman who hates what her body does because when she’s on her period, weird stuff happens,” she explained. “She’s a single mother. Her child has autism. And she stumbles upon people in need of help and she starts to realize that the things that she felt terrible about that she’d got every month were actually pretty thoughtful in fighting the greater good.”