Lamar Odom emerged victorious from his Celebrity Boxing match against Aaron Carter in Atlantic City Friday night, with the former NBA star knocking out the singer in the second round

The outcome could hardly be called surprising, given that Odom, 41, is a professional athlete while Carter, 31, is not.

In addition, Odom outweighs his opponent by more than 60 pounds and stands a full 10 inches taller.

Odom dominated the match from the start and never let up until knocking out his opponent with a flurry of punches.

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Once he was down on the mat, Carter didn’t get up, giving Odom an decisive win.

Wolfgang Schwan/Shutterstock
Wolfgang Schwan/Shutterstock

Odom correctly predicted the outcome last month when he spoke with TMZ about the match.

“It’s not gon’ be a fight. It ain’t gon’ be a fight,” he said, accurately predicting that Carter would go down in “the first minute.”

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